Let me help you out Rudy…


Rudy Giuliani was on CNN’s New Day this past week with Chris Cuomo. After every question, Rudy would hardly be started on the answer when Cuomo would interrupt. This of course has the effect of disrupting the speakers train of thought, and equally important, disrupting the audiences ability to comprehend the speakers message. It disrupts the entire “communication process”.

Which is exactly why CNN hosts like Cuomo and Wolf Blitzer do it. Rudy on that day was doing a good job of “convicting” Hillary of various crimes in her ‘pay to play’ scandal during her time as Secretary of State, selling access to the federal government. At one point after another pointless interruption, Cuomo actually looked sheepish, knowing he had been caught by the look Rudy gave him.

But the media, being the workhorse for the New World Order, has their role to play for the globalist agenda, and they soldier on. Long ago forsaking any semblance of journalistic standards, they continue their work for the Democrats and the GOP establishment. A great lesson towards this was had in 2008 before Tim Russert was dead and he was “interviewing” Ron Paul in that years presidential election.

Ron Paul after one 2 and 1/2 minute “question” asked Russert, “Is there a question in here, or are you making a speech?” He laid bare the depravity of modern journalism, which is exactly why they hated him. As was the case with Rudy, the questioners had unlimited amounts of speechifying in the form of a question, and the poor Republican couldn’t go 15 seconds into their response without an interruption.

Cuomo this past week says, “I can’t let that go unchallenged, no one has come to that conclusion” (pay to play). Its an opinion show Cuomo, you asked Rudy to come on and give his, let him give it. I realize you don’t like it. So why did you have him on? Your interpretation of Trump’s positions are opinion, should your GOP guests interrupt you to challenge you during the question?

If you can’t ask a question in 15 seconds, its not a question, its a speech. If the guest can’t play a video response, you can’t play a clip for a question. The conservative has the right to speak uninterrupted for the allotted response time. If the standards of decency can’t be adhered to, there needs to be ‘rules of engagement’. We can win a battle of ideas, but we can’t beat cheaters.

Jim Roach

Cuomo is the “noise” disrupting the communication process

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