Maybe its time to go, Joe


Joe Paterno coached until he was 85 (he deaded in January 2012). He was so feeble by that point he often had to coach from the press box during games. His notion that he was irreplaceable was a disservice to both the players and institution of Penn State. (John McCain said AFTER the 2008 election that anyone who tells you that you don’t slow down after the age of 70, is lying.)

Charles Grassley, Senator from Iowa, has held elected office since 1959. Should he serve this next full term, and not turn it over to Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, he will be nearly 90. Long past the point of serving any useful purpose, Grassley feels the US Senate and America itself could not get along without him.

Jan Mickelson of WHO radio returned this past week after nearly a years absence due to a stroke. His speech is greatly slowed, but people who listen to him tell me, his mind is as sharp as ever. Radio isn’t typically hosted by someone who takes 2 to 3 times longer then normal to speak.

I believe he is 65 and could easily retire, but like Paterno and Grassley, he evidently feels the world could not continue to turn without him. How his continued hosting is good for WHO or a potential replacement host, is beyond me. But, that’s ego.

Jim Roach

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