Our hindsight isn’t even 20/20


After the first building was struck on September 11, 2001, the second building was evacuated as a precaution. One of the most colossally bad decisions of all time was then made. People were then ordered to go back into the second building. 1,500 or so lives were needlessly lost. Why were they ordered back in after such a short passage of time? Innocent intent? Or evil at work?

We may never know the answer to that. So where do we go from here? After FOX and CNN spend the day showing pictures of dusty fireman against a bright blue sky doing heroic things, will we then dishonor the dead and the heroic actions on that day by learning nothing from that act of evil?

The intent of all these shows on the 15th anniversary are  clearly designed to wrench the heart. That of course is bullshit. If you are too chicken to say Islam did this, then at least say Wahhabism did it. Because that is exactly what those 19 hijackers from Saudi Arabia practiced. Our government and the news channels seem intent on erasing this bit of information from the history books.

We are doing a great disservice to the dead, by not learning from their deaths. It is like we were spitting on their graves. You’d think we would want to make damn sure something like this never happens again. To make damn sure another group of bastards is NEVER able to repeat this. To HONOR the dead by damn well learning from this act of evil.

But alas, no. We have stupidity in a death grip. Because of political correctness or some other reason, we will not admit that Islam is a cancer that is spreading through a deadly sect called Wahhabism. Instead, we import this cancer in the form of people whose beliefs are indistinguishable from the 19 hijackers who murdered 2,996 Americans.

Our leaders refuse to answer the question (or even address it): “Who did it and why?”

Jim Roach

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