Little green men and pressure cookers


An extraterrestrial spacecraft is not a UFO. If we have identified it as being from another planet, then it ceases to be unidentified.  That’s the funny thing about Unidentified Flying Objects, we don’t know what they are. Now a spacecraft from another planet with little green men on it, has been identified. A UFO on the other hand, is unidentified. See how that works? It can be one, but not both.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says “there is no evidence of terror connection” to his city’s bombings. That is ridiculous. There is not yet a connection to Islam. Intentional bombings of civilians automatically qualify as terror. The genre is terror, the category might be Islamic terrorism. It IS terrorism in a generic sense, and it will be determined if it is Islamic terrorism. See how that works? It can be one AND the other. Both. Doesn’t have to be, but it can be.

What’s scary to me, is that in the entire NYC mayor’s office, there was no one with the God given sense and / or balls that could explain this to his Holiness; Mayor de Blasio.

Jim Roach


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