Miss Piggy

Definitely not Miss Piggy (Miss Venezuela 1996 Alicia Machado)

Okay so in not one of his finest moments, Trump called a woman whose job it was to be a beauty contestant, Miss Piggy. Not good. While deplorable, other issues the media ignores, are a wee bit bigger. Such as the national debt.

It will pretty much be $20 trillion dollars by the time Obama leaves office. That is over double from when he took office, $9.4 trillion. He inherited that from Bush, who also roughly doubled the national debt. In an extreme fit of advanced mathematics, it occurred to me that if the next president doubled the national debt, we would have a stupefying $40 trillion dollar national debt!

Not possible you say? What on God’s green earth do you think “exponential growth” means? Double, double, double…. Pretty soon you’re talking real money.

The Republican saint, Ronald Reagan tripled the national debt from only approximately $940 billion, to $2.5 trillion. He not only bankrupted the Soviet Union during that arms buildup, he also started the United States on the road to bankruptcy.

If that’s what the Republican’s favorite “conservative” is capable of, I don’t want to see a spendthrift liberal.

Jim Roach

aaa Fingers (2)
Who at times can be Mr. Piggy



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