A country or couth, you can’t have both


Donald Trump said something the other day that made the media want to hang him. I can’t even remember if it was about Alicia Machado or Hillary’s health or McCain’s POW status or something else. Being an intact male with a certain amount of political acumen, I don’t get too worked up about Trump’s pronouncements. In fact, I understand them quite clearly. The idea of America First stands in stark contrast to the blathering’s of the globalist class.

The first is about maximizing personal freedom and wealth through free markets and minimizing government. The second is about control. Government directed economies. Crony socialism through government interference in the markets. Making the rich richer while globalizing the wage scale for the rest. There are a lot of powerful people with a lot to lose who are terrified at the prospect of a Trump presidency.

The media’s conniptions mentioned above made me think of General George S. Patton and General Douglas MacArthur. Two men who got fired for saying what they thought. Two men who were right. Two men who would have saved the world a lot of hurt if we had listened to them. Patton wanted to remove the Soviets from Europe right then, while we had the troops to do it. MacArthur would have kept China in the hands of nationalist Chiang Kai-shek instead of the communist Mao.

Those two moves would have made for one free and peaceful world, ultimately saving millions of lives and millions of others from the agony of communism. But, globalists had been in control of our country since at least Wilson, and the two finest generals America ever had were fired. Two great men, who in their absence, America veered off course. The coarse of  history was changed for the worse. Their coarseness rubbed the refined the wrong way.

Being right didn’t save them. It may not save Trump. We’ll find out on November 8. America takes an I.Q. test that day. We’ll see just how stupid or smart this country is. Hell, this country was founded by men who could be rough and tumble, uncouth sons a bitches. I hate to break it to you. Sometimes you got to break a few eggs to make a country.

Another great man was John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He had great personal flaws also, just like the rest of us. He was also the best president of the past 100 years (Republican delusions about Reagan to the contrary). In the last months of his life he had thrown away his globalist leanings and had embraced Americanism. Unfortunately it also got him killed. Regardless, the fact that great men have great flaws does not take away from their greatness. Donald J. Trump fits in quite well with that bunch.

We live in the real world, and until the next world comes along, we will have nothing but flawed men and women leading us. It will be interesting to see which world the voters choose. The eternally corrupt world of crooked Hillary or the vigorous and free world of Donald Trump.

Jim Roach

Cheese! hji


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