New Patriots Are Rising in India. A Book about the Future in the Indian Politics!

“… which allowed special advantages to some category of people and few citizens living in the specific part of India.” This author from India could just have easily been describing the corruption that is organic to the United States of America.

Vikram Roy's Blog

The Oblivion:

Are you an Indian, who is thinking that India doesn’t have any hope left in the politics?

Do you feel this country doesn’t have any value about the “Human Existence” because of the bad Governance since 1947?

Does the Constitution of India is dividing our people in terms of “Casteism” and “Reservation”?

Do you feel bad for the corruption, social negligence, VVIP culture by political parties?

Is there any resolve for, the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution? 

Open any Indian News Media right now, you will find all these subjects are keeping on debating over and over without any solutions. It is creating high tension among the young stars of this country. A darkness capturing their mind & brain, making them feel insecure and frightened to deal with the important issues in life.

An Age of Darkness has been raised since 1947 when a new political class…

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