Please, let there be egg on my face


I would love to be wrong about who will be elected President of this country tomorrow. Please! Let me be wrong… but I just don’t see it. Julian Assange pointed out that ALL the establishment was against Trump. Corporate, financial, academic, political, media, government, every arm of the establishment forces are arrayed against Trump. He does not have a toehold in any of them.

Number two, in order for Trump to be elected, over half the people in this country would have to have a clue. I just don’t see it. The government has had control of the educational system too long. They have done an amazing job of dumbing down the masses. People have been voting against their own best interests for some time.

Poor people out number rich people in this country by quite a margin, yet you would hardly know it from who is elected. Poor people take it in the shorts in a number of areas, one of the most obvious is eternal war. They pay for it with their lives and through their tax dollars. Open borders drive their wages into the ground. Bad trade deals are good job killers. The poor bail out banks, airlines, farmers and other corporations in return for nothing.

A corrupt corporate media lets them down with misdirection and highlighting the trivial, while a bullet train barrels down on them from behind called the National Debt. Their children are some of the poorest educated in the world, while they pay for the best. NO ONE pays more for primary education then the American taxpayer. Their return on investment is scandalous.

The propaganda machine is so thorough, that the candidate who spoke out against this insanity was immediately labeled a dangerous nut. He spoke for common sense and the obvious betterment of America, and he was denigrated for being a patriot. Most voters don’t have the backbone to swim against the tide. They are swept along by the currents of idiocy.

Trump has to win 6 for 6 in battleground states. He can’t have one loss. That is pretty damn near impossible. You have that lying cheater Debbie Wasserman Schultz stealing Florida from him right now, opening ballots and such prematurely. McMullin messing up Utah. Obama telling illegals its fine to vote. The FBI finding some strange way to give Hillary a pass.

Nope, I got to figure Hillary will be elected tomorrow. The ignorance of the voter. The corruption of the establishment. And the constant barrage of propaganda from the media. I have to figure those three factors have doomed this country. Not even an old school patriot like Trump can beat all that. Please let me be wrong.

Jim Roach

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