The Evil Empire


In the months since the election the Democrat Party has shown themselves to be nothing but a collection of vile degenerates. From the actions of the outgoing president and presidential candidate, to the lowest street thug with a hammer, they have shown themselves to be completely unconcerned with America. All that concerns them is their own loss of power.

They have thrown an institutional tantrum that will hopefully show to the rest of the country that this organization should be allowed to die a slow death on the vine. From Obama setting up landmines for Mr. Trump like putting troops on the Russian border, to sticking a knife in Israel’s back with the UN resolution. To Hillary not telling her rioters to stop in the days following the election. Whatever useful function the Democrat Party may have served in the past, it no longer does.

Now we have paid Soros thugs burning and looting the nation’s capital on Inauguration Day. What a party. Beating Trump supporters bloody as they try and attend various functions of a democratically elected president. This “peaceful transition” of power. And to top it all off, not one elected Democrat volunteers to condemn, or is asked to condemn this anarchy. Imagine if the parties were reversed.

Jim Roach

[As was noted by someone else, if you are that upset that Mr. Trump was elected, chances are you were getting away with something.]

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