“Read Across the Aisle”


BBC World had an interesting story this morning about a social media app called “Read Across the Aisle“. The inventor using one of Obama’s dozen or so “final speeches”, picked up on the phrase about ‘people living in a bubble’, and found out that a person’s typical social media filter had them hearing exclusively from like-minded people. And as evidenced by 2 big surprises this past year (Brexit and Mr. Trump’s election), this left many people gasping for air as their bubble was burst.

The host of BBC, Owen Bennet-Jones, in his snooty British voice says: “So like the right-wing extremist living in his bubble thinks everyone thinks like he does?” No you snooty idiot! A conservative’s entire waking day is hearing an opposing viewpoint.* Every broadcast of everyday is an antithesis to our worldview, its called the Liberal Media!

We’re not the ones living in a bubble! We weren’t surprised by Brexit! We weren’t surprised by the election of Mr. Trump! YOU were!

We weren’t the ones who got every single thing wrong the past 18 months. Liberals and the mainstream media are the ones who didn’t see the tsunami coming. This 80 foot wall of voter discontent that was going to sweep away the status quo. This Read Across the Aisle app is for you! It is a liberal only app. You are the ones who don’t hear an opposing view. You are the ones who live in a world where never is heard a discouraging word, and are then knocked silly by the election of Mr. Trump. YOU are the ones who were bitch-slapped by reality.

I’ve been talking about Mr. Trump since 2010.

Jim Roach

Cheese! hji

*Aside from FOX News, the Washington Times, National Review, and the Rush Limbaugh Show; every newspaper, magazine, radio newsbreak and television news broadcast is liberal! Don’t talk to a conservative about “living in a bubble”.

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