Rush had a damn good point yesterday


Rush was covering live on Thursday Mr. Trump’s amazing press conference that left the American mainstream media for dead. He pointed out one of the 1.3 gazillion glaring hypocrisies of the media. The media consider themselves to be the gatekeepers of virtue. They don’t consider anyone who disagrees with them as having a different viewpoint, they consider them wrong and worthy of destruction.

The “tolerance crowd” is the most intolerant in history. The Left has an emotion based world view incapable of competing in the arena of ideas. From the Iowa State Fair soapbox, to Congressional town halls, to news show panels, to CSPAN covered university events, the Left routinely shouts down, shuts down, riots and keeps conservatives from being heard, let alone debated.

The Left can’t argue the insanity of their ideas. Killing babies while removing the death penalty for murderers. A nation not being allowed to have a border. A nation that can’t deport people here illegally. A nation that imports Middle Eastern killers who want to destroy our way of life. An entitlement system that is snowballing on a downhill road to fiscal destruction. There’s no way you can justify that insanity so you have to demonize the opponent.

Sarah Palin is a well known example. There was nothing wrong with what Sarah Palin thought. Her world view was very much like Mr. Trump’s, an old school patriot. Nothing absurd about that. But from the moment she took the roof off the 2008 Republican Convention, the media set out to destroy her. Not cover her, destroy her. From the moment she took to the national stage, the entire media/entertainment complex unleashed their arsenal of destruction.

Like Rush said, the media considers it their right/duty to destroy people. But God forbid you criticize them. Heaven forbid you point out their foibles. You do that and suddenly the “1st Amendment is threatened!” You point out the glaring bias and incompetence of the media and suddenly the president becomes a totalitarian! Mr. Trump calls out CNN for the fake news it is, and suddenly freedom of the press is at stake!

Once again, they didn’t argue his points, they resorted to name calling.

Jim Roach

[From WND David Kupelian: “But once she was tapped by Sen. John McCain to become the Republican vice presidential candidate, an extraordinary phenomenon started to unfold: While studiously ignoring Obama’s obviously subversive background, the media instead sent hordes of journalists to Wasilla, Alaska, dumpster-diving for dirt on Palin – investigating who paid for the tanning bed she had installed in the governor’s mansion (she did), and whether she is actually the mother of her youngest son, Trig (she is).
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