David Horowitz in his book Radical Son tells an interesting story from his younger days at Ramparts magazine. The leftist magazine wasn’t economically viable on its own, so they had to find outside financing to keep it going. Based in California, it gave them access to Hollywood money and the heirs of various industrial magnates.

Hollywood was good for some money, but they are not very good at putting their money where their mouth is. They’re more about duping you into spending your money on their crap. So their plan came down to romancing the inheritance out from under a series of heirs to capitalist fortunes. Being from the radical left, they had no use for capitalists, but they did have a use for their money.

They would bring these young star struck heirs to Hollywood parties, a little sex, a little drugs, all in the name of “the cause”. They would bleed their bank account dry to keep Ramparts running, then “rinse and repeat”. They’d do it again. Looking at Wikipedia it looks like they finally ran out of stooges in 1975.

What’s going on today in a number of areas always reminds me of this story. People who themselves produce nothing of value, but bleed something strong dry until it dies. Like parasites.

On twitter right now is a story of a young Muslim “refugee” buying up groceries with food stamps, only to take them to her own store to sell (driving in a Lexus). Nice work if you can get it. Illegals from Mexico working here under an assumed name, while taking welfare and food stamps under their real name. All the while sending money back to Mexico, while not paying taxes here. Keeping dual citizenship to vote in both countries, with no interest at all in becoming “Americans”.

On a macro level Europe’s socialist democracies are a good example. Europe in the 20th century was incapable of defending themselves from first the Germans in WWI and WWII, and then the Russians in a 45 year Cold War. We bailed their ass out in both wars, then the American taxpayer spent the next 70 years virtually being NATO, so they could spend their money not on defense, but on their social welfare programs. Building up their countries while we spent ours into oblivion.

Europe might finally have done it to themselves this time. They have invited in their own destruction and given them welfare: Muslims. I don’t think even America can save them this time. These Islamic invaders sit on welfare at 90% rates with their multiple wives, breeding Europe’s own destruction on THEIR dime!

These “economic locusts”, devouring capital while producing nothing are more obvious on the Left, but they’re also on the Right. Millionaire farmers paid subsidies to grow nothing. Trade deals that have decimated American manufacturing to solely benefit big agriculture. Bailing out banks “too big to fail”. Tobacco subsidies, oil company subsidies. Bleeding the working class dry to enrich the 1%.

The election of Mr. Trump and the smallest number of legislative Democrats since Coolidge gives me hope. America is showing signs of intelligent life, let’s hope it isn’t too late.

Jim Roach


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