Buford, Wyoming

Early morning National Public Radio had one of their patented folksy human interest stories the other day. They went out to God’s country, not that any of those godless communists at NPR believe in God, to do a story on Buford, Wyoming! Population 1.

Some Japanese investor or other had bought the place, I forget the exact story. What the story did do was highlight for me why Mr. Trump is right about wanting to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. CPB and its 2 arms of NPR and PBS are simply arms of the Democrat Party. Charming as the story was, no purpose is served by a lavish 10 minute story on Buford, Wyoming.

CPB receives $445.5 million dollars from taxpayers. People who vote Democrat, people who vote Republican and people who don’t vote at all. Forget the fact their is no constitutional role for the CPB in the first place, all CPB does is represent half the country and use taxpayer subsidies to make the Sesame Street Corporation and others very, very rich.

True, our government is all about making the rich richer, its ironic that it would take a populist billionaire to have the guts to finally address it. Corporations and people who benefit from CPB can fund it, or it should die on the vine.

Jim Roach



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