I don’t think so, Bernie

Trump supporter in San Jose attacked by vile Democrats

The other day on Twitter the topic was the likely Democrat candidates for president in 2020. One who almost toppled the old warhorse Hillary was Bernie Sanders. I was with him from the beginning as evidenced by the post on this site of a 4th of July parade in Norwalk, Iowa in 2015. Anyone with half a brain knew “the system” in this country had to be ‘nuked’ and the only 2 with half a chance to do that were Sanders and Trump.

I knocked on doors, gave money and caucused for Bernie. I was equally behind Trump, so when I got the chance to vote for him in the general, I did so 1,000%. I’ll never forget his inaugural address January 20. Aye, twas a glorious day. Trump slew the Establishment Dragon and threw it to the ground from the castle walls. That was the goal, putting the American government back into the hands of the American people.

The election was over but Americans did not gel and all hands were not onboard to make America great again. Immediately violent protests started across the country as crazed Democrats assaulted people and burned and destroyed cities as they threw their national temper tantrum. Conservatives could not speak at college campuses, Trump supporters couldn’t wear their red MAGA hat without being beaten, free speech was gone.

The photo above is well known to any Trump supporter who is even slightly politically aware. But for someone who only watches the mainstream liberal media, they’ve probably never seen it. The biased media ignored the thousands of assaults across the nation by Democrats against Trump supporters and instead focused on 1 assault of a black man by a hillbilly at a Trump rally. Or they are focused on unsubstantiated “reports” as news stories (fake news). The media just never seemed to quite come up with the video of wrongdoing by Trump supporters, but they did come up with baseless allegations ad nauseam.

Rachel Casey above being pummeled and pelted with eggs was simply the most graphic image of Democrats assaulting decent Americans. Video exists of all manner of violent attacks on Trump supporters and their property from the Democrat rioters. These weren’t “demonstrations” as alleged by the bastards in the media, these were riots.

The vile behavior of Democrats came to a head yesterday when a photo shoot of scum Kathy Griffin beheading a Donald Trump mannequin was released. This was in stark contrast to the reaction when a small town rodeo clown wore an Obama mask years ago and was fired. A rodeo clown!

The mainstream liberal media tee hee’s and laughs at all the disgusting behavior of Democrats and in fact encourages it with all the coverage. This descent into abdominal behavior the past 3 years since the process began, has shown me what Democrats are all about. They are not Americans nor do they put America first. They have some strange mission to bring down everything that America stands for.

Democrats have some sort of depraved mindset that is bent on destroying everything that is decent and good.

They can do it without me. It had been 25 years since I had voted for a Democrat and until Bernie Sanders and his pro working man agenda came along, there was certainly no reason to. Now though even Bernie has shown he has no intention of working with Trump for the good of the country and for the good of the working people he uses as props. Much of their agenda is a shared one. But in the end, Bernie can’t put the people first.

Well screw you Sanders and the Democrat Party. There was a lot of crossover conservatives at that 4th of July parade, several were interviewed by the Register. And I bet they’re just like me,  I bet they’ve been repulsed by the violence and un-American behavior of the Democrats. Instead I shall maintain my independent status by voting Libertarian and the occasional Republican. Democrats have shown their true colors and I want no part of it. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Bernie reaps what he has sown in 2020. You don’t know who your base was Bernie. In the 7 months since the election we’ve seen your vision of America, and we don’t like it.

Jim Roach

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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