Rick Gaber

” ‘Extremism’ is a word deliberately chosen for its vagueness and used by intellectual slobs who are too desperate, sneaky or lazy to say exactly what they mean. Its only purpose is to deliberately try to confuse the difference between people who are extremely good (usually because of devotion to their principles) with people who are extremely bad. The sleazeballs who use this supposedly scary, yet undefined word are not only trying to smear people of conviction and integrity, but they’re also trying to divert attention away from the fact that they are obviously not people of principle themselves.”

— Rick Gaber
Libertarian writer

[This quote has so many aspects to it. It carries the same message Thomas Sowell did in his 1995 book, ‘The Vision of the Anointed’. Both Gaber and Sowell understand that the Left (more so than the Right) can’t win the political debate on the merits, so they do so by controlling the language. As an example, your opponent can’t win in the firearms debate, if the advocate for the right to keep and bear arms can be labeled an “extremist”. He is taken out before the argument begins. The Left has even made the killing of babies appear to be virtuous. Anyone who has the audacity to want babies to live is labeled “anti-choice”, not pro-life. An extremist. Its an amazing thing. – Jim Roach]

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