“The shooter had clearly been radicalized”

Rush made a really good point today about the shooter at the GOP Congressional baseball practice. After months and months of spewing the most irrational hatred and lies about President Trump, one of those nuts on the Left that was about to snap, did. Rush pointed out that “the shooter had clearly become radicalized”. Rush predicted it the day before, Paul Joseph Watson predicted it 6 months ago, it was fairly easy to see.

A lot of Democrats are peaceful people. They look just like you or me. But there is that segment of violent, rioting thugs that are completely lawless. These liberal terrorists get radicalized somewhere along the line, often on the internet. Sometimes its from that steady diet of insane ramblings they hear on the ultra-liberal CNN and MSNBC.

You take people who are wound pretty tight to begin with, feed them a steady diet of fake news, and lookout! Its a disaster waiting to happen. Sure, the majority of Democrats go about their lives and practice their politics without incident, but we have to admit there is something in that party that after every little thing that doesn’t go their way, they are out in the streets rioting. Assaulting people, burning buildings, breaking windows.

They wished to disrupt a pro Trump rally in Portland and were caught on top of buildings with bags of bricks! That would kill a person to get hit in the head with a brick thrown from the top of a building. You see Democrat terrorists running down the streets dressed all in black with mask, wielding 6 foot poles, beating on people and cops. Promoting violent resistance.

All this is fed by those degenerates in Hollywood depicting and advocating violence against President Trump. Kathy Griffin lopping heads, Madonna urging the bombing of the White House, Saturday Night Live and their years long obsession of stopping Trump at all costs. Its no wonder a lot of those loons already close to the edge, go over the edge. The Left has created this climate of hatred that threw out the idea, that at the end of the day we are all Americans.

They have instituted the era of the hyphenated “American”. Equal this, trans that, my home country is where my loyalty lies, not the new country where I actually stand a chance! Patriotism is foreign to this bunch. They ban the American flag from neighborhoods and high school student pickup trucks. They have created a climate where people actually contemplate violence against babies, and do abort them at the rate of 910 a day, 38 per hour, 1 every 95 seconds.

When a society doesn’t even think twice about killing the most precious and defenseless among us, what would possibly hold someone back from wanting to kill a “hated” Congressman?

Life has become cheap to the left.

Jim Roach

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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