Why is South Korea so pathetically helpless?

The news this week has been all about North Korea launching an ICBM for 36 minutes. They now have a delivery vehicle for the nuclear payload they got started on when Bill Clinton gave them a nuclear power plant in 1993. The consensus among the media elite is that we can’t do anything militarily against North Korea as they would immediately and decisively overrun South Korea. Huh?

My bullshit detector went off immediately. North Korea is an economic basket case, the people forage in the forest for food. Weight Watchers went bankrupt there years ago, there are no fat people. The people eat tree bark, rats and dogs. How is it a country as pathetic as that is such a military juggernaut? An unstoppable force? Destined to overrun Seoul in hours?

A little research turned up some interesting facts. South Korea’s world economic rank is 23rd of the world’s richest. North Korea is 180th of the world’s poorest (out of approximately 200). South Korea’s GDP is $1.36 trillion. North Korea’s GDP in 2013 was 28 billion. My calculator shows that to be a difference of 48 times. 48. South Korea is 48 times richer.

South Korea’s population is 50.62 million. North Korea’s population is 25.03 million. South Korea has exactly twice as many people. They could have twice as big an army. Are we starting to see a picture here? There shouldn’t be a contest at all. If North Korea were to sneeze at South Korea they should be wiped of the map. What could possibly be the reason for South Korea’s military ineptitude?

Oh that’s right, America has been their keeper since 1953.  

Ever since the truce reached in that bullshit United Nations “police action” 64 years ago. America has been shouldering the self defense burden for South Korea, Japan, Europe… policeman for the world so to speak. South Korea simply doesn’t have the will to survive. Just like Europe being completely helpless against big, bad Russia, even though Europe has a staggering advantage in people and money over Russia.

But the elites on TV spout this nonsense like it was straight from the mouth of God that is was normal for a country as rich as South Korea to be so helpless.  That a country with twice the population should live in abject fear of this dysfunctional pipsqueak of a country. I say bullshit. It’s time South Korea learned to stand on its own two feet. It’s time for the American taxpayer to quit footing the bill. Its time for Congress to get their head out of their ass.

How is it little old Israel can survive when they are outgunned 10 to 1 in the Middle East? Because they have the will to fight. They’re not fat and lazy like South Korea. Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog. South Korea is missing two things: a spine and some balls.

Jim Roach

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