The “Beltway Barnacle” won’t put America First

Let’s see, you’re 80 years old and have just discovered you have an aggressive form of brain cancer. Say a miracle occurs and it doesn’t kill you, the treatment is going to whack you silly and lay you low for quite awhile. Your job is in the U.S. Senate where you are ostensibly working for over 300 million Americans and roughly 30 million illegals. As you admitted 8 years ago after you ran for president, “If someone tries to say you don’t slow down after 70, they’re lying.”

Now you’re 80. With a disease that is going to take even more out of you. Does it ever occur to you to think, “Hey, maybe it would be best for America and the State of Arizona if I were to turn my seat over to a younger, healthier man?” Hell no. You’re John McCain, egomaniac extraordinaire. You’re more important than 300 million people. You think the Senate couldn’t possibly turn without you. Well, I guess we’ll find out when they take you out feet first.

Jim Roach


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