The last vote

It occurred to me the other day that for people who think like I do, we have 1 vote left and that would be for Donald J. Trump in 2020. That of course is making one big assumption, that being he isn’t impeached before then. Barring that, I don’t see any other option. Democrats and Republicans have proven their pointlessness. The Constitution Party is pretty much defunct I think. Up until recently I was able to pretend I didn’t notice the fatal flaw in the Libertarian plank, open borders. I can’t anymore.

Libertarians have always had the idea that in a “free world” the right to travel is unequivocal. Okay…. maybe after utopia in all other areas had been reached, but until then you have just a few problems. One being you don’t jump to the endgame until all other parameters have been met. First off is the social welfare state we have. 60 % of immigrants immediately get on the welfare roles. You can’t bill me for the world’s problems! Not to mention all the homegrown welfare we have, corporate and individual. But that’s what you’re doing now, and you think it would get better with true open borders??

#2: Terrorists. If the North Korean nutcase wouldn’t be sending in agents with suitcase sized nukes, it would be anyone of the 1.4 billion nutcases fostering Islamic Jihad. It is beyond belief that anyone would advocate open borders anywhere outside of heaven. Absolute lunacy. A stance of nonviolence like the Amish sounds real great as long as you have someone around to protect you.

That leaves a completely barren electoral landscape. Trump’s the only honest broker out there and I don’t see anyone coming after him.

Jim Roach

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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