Here’s an idea, do what works

It’s really irritating when the solution to a nation’s problem is as plain as the nose on their face, and instead of doing that, it is demanded of the American taxpayer to pony up and fund stupidity! North Korea is a basket case, South Korea is not. Haiti is a basket case, the Dominican Republic is not. In both cases these 4 nations share the same people, geography, climate and natural resources. The first is isolated as a peninsula, the latter as an island.

The GDP of North Korea is $28 billion. The GDP of South Korea is $1.38 trillion. The GDP of Haiti is a pathetic $8.77 billion. The GDP of the Dominican Republic is $68.10 billion. Does anyone not notice a trend here? The wealth of a nation does not fare well under a despotic dictatorship. The answer to these nations problems is: Don’t do that! Free markets and freedom go together. See how that works? Our way works, your way doesn’t. Stop putting your hand out, and start building yourself up.

These two cases blow out of the water any of that liberal/sociological mumbo jumbo. There are no excuses. You change! Its not America, we’re not the problem, you are! The differences aren’t minuscule, they’re stark! And its damn well time Congress stop playing this foreign aid game with our money. Its not the America taxpayers job to run around putting its finger in the dyke of every God forsaken basket case country in the world. Not to mention taking in all the refugees from their self-created problems.

Jim Roach

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