300,000,000 people

Congress chasing it’s tail

Bing says the United States of America (the use of the word ‘united’ here is in kind of a loose sense) has 324 million people. Contrary to liberal belief our Constitution gives the 535 members of Congress the authority to write Law for the governance of those 324 million people. Not 9 Black Robes. 535 people. 435 Representatives (not “Congressmen”) and 100 Senators.

Those 535 people (or cretins if you prefer) are a small percentage of 324 million people. 0.000165123457% to be exact. That’s small. When that small of a percentage rules over so many people, they better be big people. We can’t afford to have, small, petty, bickering nitwits in Congress. We can’t afford to have selfish bastards only interested in advancing their own agenda.

But we do. Whether its John McCain and Chuckie Schumer in the Senate, or Maxine Waters and Paul Ryan in the House, America is left with roughly 500 bastards incapable of putting America first. Grow up. Its not about you. Its about 324,000,000 people. Try to picture that mass of people? Its a huge responsibility. And with Congress’s favorability ratings somewhere between ISIS and sharks, its clear they aren’t getting the job done.

The words necessary to capture the importance of this completely elude me. But the need for this cooperation is so great that the idea that an entire institution could be so obtuse staggers the imagination. Get moving. Neither side is going to get all they want, but we can get some.

Jim Roach

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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