Then don’t build there!

Damn! What is with the world we live in? People build on the Atlantic or Gulf Coast then seem surprised when their home gets destroyed by a hurricane! “Why don’t you have insurance?” “Oh we do.” “Then why doesn’t it pay for anything??” And if it does, why do you need Federal bailouts? Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay every time you make poor choices.

You build on a fault line and don’t have earthquake insurance? You build in tornado alley and don’t have tornado insurance? You build in a flood plain and don’t have flood insurance?

After everyone of these disasters ad nauseam the American taxpayer has to pay. Plus! You have all these dramatic charity appeals! Anywhere in the world a disaster happens, the American taxpayer pays. Anyplace in the world becomes unlivable, America has to take the refugees. AND, give them welfare! Doesn’t anyone in the world have any phucking brains? Or take care of themselves?!

Then the few people who can or do buy flood insurance, the insurance company invariably doesn’t pay because they classify the water damage as “storm surge” and not flooding. Funny damn thing, our system is setup so the banks and insurance companies never have TO pay, they just GET paid.

I’m tired of this sh*t. If you can’t buy the insurance you need for where you live, maybe you shouldn’t live there. How tough is that? Then there is the media building this thing up like you might as well put a bullet in your head because everyone is surely going to die!

Then there’s the media whipping everyone into a frenzy for ratings. Gas prices go up, water prices go up, you can’t buy a sheet of plywood to save your life (so to speak). TV stations make out, stores make out, insurance companies make out because they don’t have to pay for anything.

And what the sam hell is with FEMA? Every hurricane we have to reinvent the disaster wheel like this is our first time! Damn we’ve done this before. They talk about these FEMA camps, why don’t they have about 6 FEMA warehouses placed along the coast with the necessary supplies? Charitable donations could stock them. I know Red Cross only wants cash they can misspend. I want to buy hard goods that they can’t misspend. You know what’s going to be needed, this isn’t hard to figure out.

We’ve been rebuilding after hurricanes for over a hundred years now, why do we always act like this is something new? Have the supplies and emergency vehicles warehoused in a safe but nearby location, ready to go. What the hell do we pay FEMA for when they are never ready for anything?

Jim Roach

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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