“Big Government is the Best Government!”

As Congress gets ready to pass another insurance bill, Graham-Cassidy, its important to examine the foundation of that bill to see its potential for success. Our government often operates in a historical void. Reinventing the wheel at every turn. Acting like there is no historical record to indicate what economic policies work and which ones don’t. I am appalled that any thinking individual would even consider that this bill could work.

Obamacare is imploding and there are two options: repeal or repair. Congress chose to “repair” with Graham-Cassidy. Do they have the moral or legal authority to be mandating the purchase of insurance and telling insurance companies what they are going to provide? Did our Founding Fathers design a Constitution that told Congress to “Be all you can be!”? To get involved in every aspect of American life? Hell no.

Did our Founding Fathers really believe that “Big Government is the Best Government!” ? Or did they believe that limited government is what they wanted to give us? Were they real skeptical of the abilities of government? If they didn’t believe in limited government, what were the 9th and 10th Amendments for? Why did they list Congress’s enumerated powers if they intended for Congress to be able to do whatever they wanted?

Economist Friedrich Hayek showed repeatedly that any politician who thinks they can outthink the market is either a fool or a liar. Libertarians use the “what if” example of all 10,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the country disappeared and it was up to a government panel to determine where the new restaurants should be placed. Think about that. It would be like the placement of military bases only 10 times worse!

Free market types use this example because they know market forces determine with ruthless efficiency exactly where and how many McDonald’s there should be. There are no government subsidies. No restaurants are placed in an area as a “favor”. They either survive or die on their own. Supply and demand. Profit margins. Gross sales. Economic law determines who thrives and who doesn’t. Not some government panel of do-gooders, placing restaurants on some goofy social justice theorem.

To think Congress is going to divine the insurance market for the entire United States of America is ludicrous.

In case no one noticed, the last two entitlements they got involved in, Social Security and Medicare, are in the process of going belly-up. They are a waste filled boondoggle. Entitlement programs have bankrupted this nation, and now we’re going to add a third? Good luck with that. Congress doesn’t have the legal or moral authority to do what they’re doing. Anyone who thinks government run health insurance could possibly work is either a liar or a moron.

John Stossel on ABC uses the example of directing traffic at a roller rink versus the natural flow of random chaos. Congress is attempting to direct the traffic of a nationwide “roller rink”.

Jim Roach


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