Seeing clearly

“President Vladimir Putin could never have imagined anyone so ignorant or so willing to destroy their people like Obama much less seeing millions vote for someone like Obama. They read history in America don’t they? Alas, the schools in the U.S. were conquered by the Communists long ago and history was revised thus paving the way for their Communist presidents.”

— Xavier Lerma
Russian columnist for Pravda
Source: Obama’s Soviet Mistake, Pravda, 19.11.2012

[People like to talk about the police state that controlled the USSR, but ignore the one under their nose. Its doubtful that anything will come of the blatant corruption at the FBI. People only follow where the mainstream media leads them, and that certainly won’t be uncovering the Deep State. I can’t think of anything more dangerous to a free republic than an FBI so rotten that it attempts to overthrow the will of the people in a duly elected president. Strzok and Page talked an “insurance plan” if Trump was elected. Their texts also contemplated the pros and cons of assassination. All the while the mainstream media is burying this overwhelming evidence of corruption at the very top of this government. Its not good when the media has chosen a side. – Jim Roach]

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