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The school shooting in Parkland, Florida brings up the same pointless debates while kids will continue to be slaughtered. Its been 19 years since Columbine when 12 students were murdered. This time it was 17. Its been 6 years since Newtown when 20 children and 6 adults were murdered. Which brings up some irony in that for years when liberals talked about banning or confiscating guns they focused on the handgun. The nutcases doing the killing knew for accuracy and firepower it was actually the rifle they wanted.

Regardless, in the ensuing 19 years since the most famous school shooting, nothing has been done to stop or minimize the carnage. Nothing. The phrase is ‘Tactical Response’. There’s been none. An amateur like me knows just how much could have been done, imagine what an expert knows? The picture above demonstrates the concept of just one of the experts, Masaad Ayoob. Imagine what all the experts in the country could have done to protect kids if they had been turned loose on the project?

Bureaucrats being what they are, chose instead to do nothing. To let your kids die. Rather then lift a finger to protect children, they chose to use the carnage over the past two decades for political advantage. The people on the frontlines, teachers, are an amazingly idiotic bunch. I have personally talked to some about would they like to be armed, to be given a fighting chance to protect kids. To a woman they said no. Guns are icky and they would much rather have children’s brains blown out against the wall.

I’ve always had difficulty relating to such a mindset.  I still have a functioning survival gene. You have a choice, self-defense or die and they choose death. I will never get that. But I digress. The Red, Yellow, Green symbolism is Ayoob’s invention. His point was that you could be the finest shot and have the finest pistol, but they would mean squat if you weren’t ready for a deadly encounter. That you cannot go from Green (completely relaxed) to fighting for your life (Red) at the drop of a hat. Not in an effective way anyway. You have to be in Yellow first (looking for signs of danger). You have to be ready. You have to be prepared. Both with weapons and tactics.

Masaad’s point was that its okay to be in Green when you are at home among family and friends for example, but when you are in public you need to be aware. More so in New York City than Ames say, but a sense of awareness nonetheless. Knowing when to go into Yellow could save your life. Talking to women you will find they are naturally better at this then men. They have to be more aware of potential assault.

Our military has a hundred years of experience of turning civilians into fighters. They had to take millions of ordinary Joe’s during WWII and turn them into killers. Its not natural to be able to kill without hesitation or remorse. There’s a particular mindset that needs to be nurtured and they know how to do it. The mindset for Military Police, a different one for infantry, Special Forces, Green Berets, Rangers, Marines, you name it they know how to do it. We have the best military in the world.

From building up the physical skillset to the mental preparation, we know how to do it. We could have made our schools very secure and the children very safe over the past 20 years, but we chose not to. 297 people were killed in school shootings from 1980 – 2012. 141 were killed between Columbine in 1998 – 2016. Because of the overlap its hard to say what the total number has been.

If you were one of the dead people, you probably would have appreciated your government taking an interest in stopping the killing. The local CBS affiliate KCCI ran around a couple of days ago doing one of their post shooting “Should teachers be armed?” interviews. To them arming teachers means a .45 caliber handgun on every hip whether or not the person is capable or qualified. Then the resulting suppositions about kids getting hit by accident or crossfire.

The pussification of the media really puts a damper on the quality of the discussion. There are at least 6 non-lethal means of dealing with a shooter that when used in combo give an organized group of amateurs a fighting chance against a shooter and most importantly stopping him from killing kids. The media is so ignorant of the manly arts these topics never get discussed.

These non-lethal means fall into the categories (with some crossover) of projectile, sonic, optic, electric, gas and smoke.  Under projectile you have rubber bullets and bean-bag rounds. Which when shot from a rifle (the bullet) or a shotgun (the bean-bag) will put a man on his ass immediately. Under sonic you have flash-bang and stun grenades. Not to mention the military has actual sonic guns. Under optical you have laser pointers and the flash part of the flash-bangs offering varying degrees of temporary and permanent blindness. Also under optical you have smoke bombs of various colors that obscure a room or hallway making it impossible for a shooter to see his target.

Under gas weapons you have tear gas and pepper sprays and a multitude of other gases I don’t begin to know about. I do know there are simple ‘mace’ type pepper sprays that even in the civilian varieties shoot 15-20 feet and the military and police versions that shoot even further! I know there are various strengths of tear gas whose canisters when shot from a tear gas gun will also double as a projectile device. Not to mention the tear gas will make it absolutely impossible for a shooter to see anything.

Then you have your ‘electric’ weapons, stun guns, Tasers and God knows what else. From weapons where you have to touch the assailant to ones that reach 20 feet.

Just a can of pepper spray or just a laser pointer would have limited, though some effectiveness. But 5 or 6 teachers/custodians/staff using all the weapons at their disposal in tandem would have a great chance for success of bringing down a killer. With drills and training from professionals their chances jump ten fold from my simplistic suggestions. In conjunction with a better use of perimeter cameras and training to be in Yellow (heightened awareness) and not in Green (completely relaxed) like they have been the past 20 years, their chances skyrocket immensely.

But most likely we will continue to do nothing and keep burying children. We know how to keep kids safe, we just won’t do it. We save guards for banks, Congressional offices and sports stadiums. Not for our kids. Not once did I mention arming teachers with rifles, shotguns or handguns. Though that would really help. I forgot to even mention robots and robotic dogs that would go after a shooter fearlessly and relentlessly.

Okay, so that’s 7. Seven non-lethal responses to a shooter. 

Jim Roach

Bullet proof shields


stun grenade
Stun grenade

Masaad Ayoob. What he teaches is perhaps the most important ‘weapon’ of all, your attitude. Do you have the will to survive? Do you have a fighting spirit? Do you have the desire to keep the kids under your care alive?

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