School shootings in the United States


School shootings have been going on in the United States for 254 years. During that time there has been a complete absence of a tactical response (we’ve done nothing). Maybe its just me, but I think its time we started to try various options and keep on trying them until we get it right.

To my mind there are two areas that need to be addressed: Keeping the bad guy from getting the gun and stopping him when he does get a gun. 

Criminal background checks in theory keep a criminal from getting a gun (criminals being those guilty of burglary, robbery, rape, assault and so on). Sociopaths are the ones who do school shootings. Not criminals. Criminal background checks are incapable of finding psychopaths. Yet somehow we keep expecting them to do just that. Background checks must be twofold.

The second area is the tactical response to a shooter. Crawling under your desk to die is not an option. Flee or fight is the only option (assuming a bulletproof safe room is not available). Teachers can adopt their pacifist bullshit after they’ve protected the children.

10% of the school staff would be likely to have the mental and physical capabilities to be armed with a traditional firearm. The other 90% of staff could be armed with one or more of non-lethal means. Thereby creating an effective and coordinated response of 50+ people. There is strength and courage in numbers. They can be pacifist and die AFTER they’ve protected the children and until such time (if any) the police arrive.

There are a multitude of arguments concerning the dangers of arming teachers. That’s why you don’t do it willy nilly, handing nitwits a .45 immediately after graduating from teachers college. But with training and screening it can be done. There are also a multitude of arguments about having firearms laying about the school on desks and such readily available to inquiring minds.

Below are pictures of just some of the options. Gun vaults that require the correct keypad sequence to be pushed before they open. “Smart guns” that require a matching ring or watch to be worn by the gun owner before the can be fired. Guns that require the fingerprint of the gun owner before it can be fired. There are many ways to keep guns secure. Opponents who advocate doing nothing are full of excuses.

After you’ve armed the 10% with firearms, the other 90% can be given one of the 7 non-lethal tools. Projectile, sonic, optic, electric, gas, smoke or shield. 

The modern school shooting phenomena started January 17, 1989. It is time bureaucrats got off their ass after 29 years and started trying solutions. President Trump seems just the man to get it started.

Jim Roach

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