How stupid are people?

Pictured above is the weapon I’d carry if I were the sort to do that, a Ruger Light Compact Revolver (5 rounds). Rubberized grip, concealed hammer, slim profile, lightweight and rounded front sight, All designed for real world carry. It is significantly different then a 30 round AR-15 rifle. 100 yards is just the start of its effective range. With detachable magazines its capacity reaches into hundreds of rounds. The accuracy is phenomenal.

You notice mass murderers don’t usually go for the Ruger. While it is a very deadly weapon, its in a different class than the AR-15. To buy a pistol requires you to be 21. To buy an AR-15 you only have to be 18. That’s nuts. In sixty seconds you could kill 60 people with an AR-15. If they started running, you’d have a hard time killing 5 with the snub-nosed Ruger.

People are idiots. They can’t get past their old paradigms with guns. A gun is not a gun is a gun. There are differences. There are semi-automatic Taurus 9 mm handguns with 20 round magazines. With those you are back to virtually limitless capacity. The potential for mass deaths is much greater with those than a 5 shot revolver.

So the one that can likely kill just 5 people can only be bought at age 21, and the one that can kill dozens can be bought at age 18.

That’s nuts. I’ll try another couple of analogies. You can get a drivers license at 16 in a lot of states. does that allow you to be a cross country Greyhound Bus driver at that age? No! You have to be at least 22. You can get a student pilots license at 16, does that allow you to be a commercial pilot of a Boeing 747? No! Drivers license and pilots license structures use a little common sense. You work towards your goals in each with continued training, classes, age, experience and ratings structures!

A car is a bit different than a semi. A Cessna 2-seater is a bit different that a Boeing 747. How tough is that? We hand out the ability to buy a gun as though a 5 shot Ruger is the same as an AR-15! That’s asinine! Nobody thinks we’re trying to take their Boeing 747 away from them. No one is trying to take their semi away from them. But they are made to jump through different hoops before they are allowed to fly the friendly skies with them. Or go out on the interstate at 75-mph with a 40,000 truck.

Weapons need to be rated at different levels after factoring in killing power. It won’t be perfect, but its better than we have now. Weapons differ in range, the weight of the bullet, the velocity, pellets versus bullet, speed of reload, ability to conceal, ability to assemble. We’re killing people with our mental blocks.

And speaking of mental, what idiot thinks a criminal background check is going to catch a sociopath? Criminals commit crimes. Psychopaths commit mass murder. We have the tests. We have the psycho analytics. We have the mental health system that can report flagged individuals to NICS. Hell, the recent revelations about Facebook show the ability to know a persons mind. Advertisers have known how people tick for hundreds of years. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery of tests learned how to distinguish between killers and clerks a long time ago.

Jim Roach



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