Go to hell, go directly to hell. Do not pass go, do not collect $200

The inability of the Libertarian Party to see the ‘big picture’ as regards President Trump is staggering. As has been pointed out by loads of movers and shakers on TV, we are seeing what it looks like if an independent were to be elected. There are 2 parties in Washington (okay there’s only 1 but roll with me on this), and Donald John Trump doesn’t belong to either one. This is what it looks like when a party ‘orphan’ becomes president.

The Libertarian Party is incapable of seeing this. All they can see is that Trump is not the reincarnation of Harry Browne. Trump is one hell of a lot more Constitutionally based than that idiot Gary Johnson they put up. America was on the edge of destruction and would have been pushed over the edge if Hillary had been elected. We have been offered a brief respite from this fate with the election of Trump. Yet everyday personal freedom and a government controlled by the people hangs by a thread. Trump fights everyday against forces that would have crushed a lesser man.

Agents of the Deep State work tirelessly to take Trump out. An outsider has come into their midst and threatens the whole ball game. The military-industrial complex, K Street lobbyists, unaccountable government contractors, corporate media, all these entities with an incestuous relationship with your government and ensuring that nothing ever gets accomplished are trying to overturn the will of the voters. Hell, even that was nip and tuck as 5,000,000 plus illegals voting in New York and California threatened the integrity of the election.

I forgot to even mention the current high profile enemy of Trump, the intelligence community. A year ago Senator Charles ‘Chuckie’ Schumer said, “You don’t want to piss off the intelligence community, they can get you 6 ways from Sunday.” And up steps James Comey to prove it. The guy who ignored mountains of evidence of real crimes that Hillary committed on the basis that he “couldn’t prove she meant to do anything wrong.” At the same time going on TV to speculate about crimes Trump “might” have done despite no evidence.

The Libertarian Party can’t see that Trump is an outsider trying to return control of this out of control government to the people. No he’s not Ron Paul. But he’s as close to a third party candidate getting elected as is going to happen in your lifetime. This is it. This is America’s last shot. That fourth screw was about to be tightened down on the lid of freedom if Hillary had been elected. That would have been it. There would never have been a chance for a Libertarian candidate to ever succeed if she had been elected.

With Trump’s election freedom lives to fight another day. The soil stays fertile a little longer with hopes for people like you. You can’t even see that. You better damn well hope Trump succeeds. Your future rests with his. We are at a fork in the road. The Democrats path, the path of the traditional Republican, has nothing at the end of the road for you.

And what do I get from the Libertarian Party? A deluge of emails in my inbox railing against Trump. This from a party that betrayed everything it stood for when they put up Gary Johnson for president last time. That was bullshit. Harry Browne was a libertarian. Ron Paul was a libertarian. Gary Johnson was a joke. How a liberal Republican who is part of the problem would have been better than Trump is beyond me.

Jim Roach


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