James Forrestal and Joe McCarthy

“In the middle of the 20th century the two most important anti-Communists in the United States government were Secretary of the Navy and later Secretary of Defense, James V. Forrestal, and Wisconsin Senator Joseph R. McCarthy.  But they had a great deal more in common than that.  The following passage is from pages 147-148 of the 1966 book, The Death of James Forrestal, written anonymously by someone using the pen name, Cornell Simpson:*

There were extraordinary parallels in the lives and deaths of McCarthy and Forrestal—two Irish-Catholic Americans who both rose by their bootstraps to high office in Washington, D.C., and who successively spearheaded the fight against the worldwide Communist conspiracy.  Each man was the victim of smear attacks that rose to a pitch of vituperation and vileness previously unmatched in this century.  Each man was pathologically hated by every left-winger and subversive in America.  Each man died at a most “convenient” and strategic time.  And each death beyond doubt altered the course of history.

Appropriately, it was Forrestal who personally alerted freshman Senator McCarthy to the Communist menace and “named names” to him of key persons in our federal government who were consistently shaping our policies and programs to benefit Soviet Russia.  It was Forrestal who thus directly inspired McCarthy’s subsequent exposés of Communist influence and subversion in the federal government….” http://www.dcdave.com/article5/110928.htm

[This fascinating article was found at a site called rense.com (David Martin, 9/28/11). I have published this brief excerpt in the hopes you’ll check out the entire article. I’ve known bits and pieces of this story for 20 years. It came to mind because of recent events involving President Trump and the Deep State’s attempts to take him out. Its not too far of a stretch to say Russian agents over a 40 year period (inside and outside our government), murdered 4 government officials. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, Senator Joe McCarthy, President Kennedy and Representative Larry McDonald. Each of those 4 knew thoroughly about the conspiracy to derail America. Whether you refer to the forces of evil as Insiders, the Establishment, Communists or the Deep State, to deny their existence would make that person a fool. – Jim Roach]

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