How do you steer without a rudder?

Maybe its just me, but I don’t see how Western Civilization is going to get where it wants to go, it has no steering mechanism. The ship of state is meandering aimlessly across the ocean without a rudder. The reason the United States had kicked the rest of the world’s ass within 150 years of its founding was we knew what we wanted and how to get there. We had a people guided by the Christian God and a document (the Constitution) based on Natural Law that would get us there. We had a rudder.

God’s Law and Natural Law (nature’s law) are of course compatible, God is nature. Secular Humanism, which guides us today, is in constant contradiction with itself. Two of the most obvious areas are those of group rights and the absence of absolute truth. You’ll see the manifestation of the first often in rather humorous news stories of the day. Those times when blacks, Jews, lesbians or whoever are the latest to be offended by something, and who will triumph. The other is the lack of absolute truth in their world. When you can no longer identify right from wrong, evil cannot be held in check. Hell, the secular humanist can’t even say that evil exists, let alone stop it.

Reading one of the countless articles on Twitter the other day about how Europe is collapsing before our eyes is when it hit me. Europe has been overrun with 7th century savages who are decimating a once great continent. These invading barbarians are lazy, shiftless, uneducated ‘people’ incapable of building, only in destroying. They are making hay at the moment, because their society knows what it wants. However insane and maniacal that guiding principle is, they have one. Europe doesn’t.

Europe has become a post-Christian world. Christianity provided a framework of principles to guide these people’s decision making process throughout their life. Without that “rock”, Europe dashes around trying to satisfy the ever shifting demands of various groups lashing out in identity politics. In comes a group of cohesive lunatics who know exactly what they want and who move in a coordinated fashion. A team will always beat a group of individuals. No matter how talented those individuals are by themselves.

Europe is languishing under a “survival of the fittest” scenario at the moment. Marquess of Queensbury rules matter not at the moment. Street fighting is the rule of the day. They have a rape epidemic (no means of self defense). A bizarre outbreak of “acid attacks”. Stabbings are so numerous London recently outpaced NYC in deaths per capita. Europe thought they had eliminated murder when the eliminated firearms. Not to mention female genital mutilation, the erasing of women’s right…

Europe is toast and we are right behind them. When our civilization worked it was based on the concept of individual rights. What we have morphed into is a phenomena of “group rights”. A nation of laws can only provide accurate redress to individuals, not groups. We have given up on our “rudder”, the Constitution. We have moved into the ever shifting paradigm of groupthink.

Jim Roach




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