Media bias in spades

A couple of months ago the bias of the mainstream media became so blatant I actually wrote one of them to let them know people aren’t that stupid. They are. It was when Mr. Trump began to move on the trade front. Like evidently half the country realized last election, we don’t have fair trade. Mr. Trump is going to try and get us to that point and we believe him.

What we do have is a $850 billion dollar trade deficit because of the tariffs countries like Brazil, India and China have on our goods. Not to mention the lesser yet still exorbitant tariffs the EU and Japan have. It became cheaper to move the plants overseas and ship the goods in rather than try to be an exporter when the global deck was stacked against you. You see, when trade comes with all those tariffs, it ain’t free.

One  of the biggest idiots locally is the newsreader on KASI 1430 Trent Rice. His spots are full of disparaging adjectives against Trump, but shy on facts. The letter below I sent to the Salem Radio Network pretty much covers him also. The powers that be were content as long as the economic rape of America was going on, it was only when Trump threatened to stop it that they got upset.

To the Salem Radio Network:

“I’ve been meaning to write you. About April 4 on your noon news break I heard you say, “The market dipped today amid fears that the era of unfettered free trade was over.” Do you morons really believe that we have been existing in an era of free trade? Are you really so stupid that you don’t know the trade barriers and tariffs that countries like China and India have erected to keep out our goods?”

“Instead of filling your newscasts with adjectives (“protectionist, isolationist. anti-trade”), you could educate the listeners with the facts. Like the fact Brazil, India and China have the highest tariffs in the world among large countries and the U.S. operates at an incredible disadvantage which has led to an $850,000,000,000 trade shortfall.”

James Roach

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