Socialism’s terrible? So why was the American taxpayer forced to subsidize it for 70 years?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Conservative media has been ALL in a conniption over declared democratic socialist Cortez, who dumped the Democrat’s establishment pick Joe Crowley in a New York House primary. Asking around I find the norms aren’t really aware of her or the ensuing crisis conservatives are having. A lot of people haven’t figured out this is another rejection of the establishment, left or right. Just like Trump in 2016, and Obama in 2008. People are sick of the status quo.

One of the tact’s conservatives take when warning of the dangers of democratic socialism, is to bring up Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba. Bastions of communism. Never do they bring up the democratic socialist meccas of western Europe. Where citizens receive free healthcare, university, 4-6 weeks paid vacation, generous unemployment, and other freebies of their socialist utopias.

How does Europe afford this? We in America can only afford welfare and subsidies for corporations. They afford it by not having to have militaries. Oh sure, they have a few token units to dress up and play for NATO exercises, but they don’t have any real militaries. America does. A country simply can’t afford both a military and socialism.

We’ve been supporting those freeloaders for 70 years. Since the end of WWII. That right there is another example, why did we have to come over there and settle their hash? Just like in WWI? Because they’re pussies. That’s why. Throw in lazy and you have a continent who couldn’t take care of itself if its life depended on it, which it has several times.

I’d felt this irritation building towards all the conservatives in the media, and it crystalized when listening to Laura Ingraham’s sub, Raymond Arroyo. He was going on and on about how stupid and destructive socialism is! Fine. So why did our government force us to subsidize it for 70 years? Europe’s experiment would not have been possible without the American taxpayer, who didn’t receive the freebies, we just paid for them. Europe was able to live in it’s bubble because of the forced generosity of the American taxpayer. I fail to see the logic.

I don’t know about anyone else, but that makes me mad.

Jim Roach






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