The Des Moines Register killed Mollie Tibbetts

Mollie Tibbetts

“What? What? The Des Moines Register didn’t kill Mollie Tibbetts, it was an illegal named Cristhian Bahena Rivera!” Exactly. That’s my point. The Register has been pushing for illegal immigration for at least 30 years. There has not been a more strident or a more warped voice for this illegality than the Register. Teaming up with the Polk County Sheriff, the Des Moines Police Department, Iowa City / University of Iowa, they have all pulled together to make Iowa a sanctuary state.

Accessories to the murder are big agriculture and the construction trades. Agriculture has never felt that they should have to pay a living wage to their help, so their go to source of labor has been the illegal. Meat packing plants, poultry facilities, dairy farmers, hog farmers, they and their lobbyists have been in Congress’s face for 50 years to keep the border open.

The construction trades, roofers, concrete, framers, drywall, you name it. Did housing costs go down? No. Did the cost of getting a new roof go down? No. But it did (along with many other things) help create a climate of lawlessness that  has gotten many innocents killed. Congress gave it their Seal of Approval. Democrats got their cheap votes, Republicans got their cheap labor, and Mollie Tibbetts got dead.

Jim Roach

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