PepperBall VKS

This is PepperBall’s Variable Kinetic System (VKS) non-lethal launcher currently used for crowd control in Afghanistan when they don’t want to kill people. The bottom magazine holds 15 rounds of their extended-range VXR proprietary irritant projectiles that burst upon impact, producing a kinetic impact as well as affecting the eyes, nose and respiratory system. The upper hopper holds 180 standard round projectiles. These will put a man down.

It seemed appropriate on the eve of another school year to introduce yet another means of protecting children without the use of deadly force. We are now just months away from the 30th anniversary of when the modern school shootings began in Stockton, California on January 17, 1989. In many other posts on this blog about school shootings this is one more weapon that could be used against school shooters, but won’t be.

Our authorities instead have chosen to do nothing by and large. Oh a few districts here and there have taken steps. A few have armed teachers. A few have armed guards. One district in Pennsylvania put a bucket of rocks in each room so the students could stone the active shooter. A military grade weapon such as this with a 50 yard range is more than enough firepower for inside a school house.

Of special interest to me, is the civilian cop’s seeming love of shooting dead the classic “man with a knife” scenario. This weapon seems to be another of the half dozen or so non-lethal means of taking down a man with a knife. Instead of shooting him 14 times in the chest with their .40 S&W and killing him.

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