Political crossdressing

One of the greatest political crossdressers of all-time (if not the greatest) was Representative Jim Leach of Iowa. He made his living for 30 years masquerading as a Republican. He always held a conservative ranking of less than 25 (out of a 100 scale). But by God he’d take money from Republican donors! And he’d use Republican organization to get reelected and feather his nest.

On his way out the door in ’08, Leach denounced the Republican candidate for president and endorsed and voted for Barack Hussein Obama! They even had him speak at the Democrat Convention that year. Why would this lifelong Republican betray the party? What Republican firebrand was he trying to save the country from? What conservative dragon did he see that needed to be slain? Why none other then the recently deceased (and long overdue) John ‘Maverick’ McCain!

Looking back it was the perfect end for the double-crossing, backstabbing cheat Jim Leach.  If you couldn’t vote for the moderate John McCain, there ain’t no Republican you could vote for! Leach had sucked it up and supported Reagan through the dreadful 80’s when he still needed Republican money to complete the charade. But when he was headed out the door his true colors came out.

It just seemed rather appropriate at the passing of one Benedict Arnold, to be reminded of another. Those two old frauds deserved each other.

Jim Roach



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