It ain’t Norman Rockwell

Corporate agriculture lobbyist Iowa Farm Bureau runs these commercials of these ridiculous scenes where they pretend that white farmers who own the land also work it. Poppycock. Few families work the land anymore, they rent it out to sharecroppers. Or corporate entities in Toronto who actually own the land hire Mexicans at minimum wage to do the work. They each pay the Iowa Legislature and Congress to keep the subsidies and tax breaks coming.

Just as you can drive down a residential street and spot the rentals immediately, you can also do that in the Iowa countryside. Renter’s have no long term stake in the business or the land. They don’t care for the land or the buildings in anyway similar to the way the actual owner/operators of my youth did 50 years ago. Those guys worked 12 hours a day/365. Not 2 weeks in the spring and 2 weeks at harvest like the modern operation.

Nowadays they keep these dilapidated eyesore structures on the land for a tax write-off. Our tax structure is so screwed up these falling apart 0netime buildings are considered an “improvement” on the land. The old farmer would have died of embarrassment to have these unpainted and falling apart monstrosities on THEIR land. 50 years ago when the owners were the operators farms were most often pieces of beauty, the protestant work ethic and all that.

Nowadays these rural welfare queens hire illegals to boost the bottom line. It manifests itself throughout the community, dragging the schools down with no tax base and English as a second language requirements. Local hospitals are stressed with  emergency rooms flooded with illegals expecting routine care with no expectation to pay.

Welfare rolls and subsidized housing are maxed out from these low wage workers. And when the only requirement is to pay the lowest wage possible, unsavory types who murder young women like Mollie Tibbetts are brought in. You can spot that by seeing where new jail referendums are put on the ballot. They match out with where big poultry facilities and packing plants are. Crime goes through the roof.

Corporate ag don’t care, their only goal is to milk the land and go. Iowans and the future be damned. – Jim Roach

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