Siding with the Devil

Dumb and Dumber

Every once in awhile a situation comes along that causes steam to come out your ears and your face to turn red. When those twin peaks of evil known as Red Eye Radio side with General Motors closing plants in Ohio and Michigan, they just make me want to puke. Eric Harley and Gary McNamara dance around the fact that the American taxpayer has been subsidizing GM the last 10 years since they bailed them out in ’08. They ignore Trump gave GM the largest corporate tax cut in history in 2017. Taking the rate from 35% to 21%.

Assholes like those two want to make their living in America while selling it out. Well that don’t work with me. My God, why they have an audience is beyond me. This isn’t real tough, the GM plant closures are the proof for the umpteenth time for anyone who’s too stupid to see it, that Congress has sold us out to corporate America. Congress is giving GM your money to take jobs down to Mexico. And those assholes Harley and McNamara are cheering it on.

How the hell people accept this is beyond me. How the hell people keep electing those idiots to Congress is beyond me. How the hell Harley and McNamara have a radio show is beyond me. Evil like those two couldn’t have a radio show without the monumental stupidity of the American listener. Those two are traitors to the American worker. They like to talk in circles so they can be on both sides of an issue. And like all “never-Trumpers”,  they’re treacherous little weasels.

Jim Roach

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1 Response to Siding with the Devil

  1. Anthony Hunsberger says:

    Bravo, they also deside to leave out important facts on this Russian hoax on Clinton emails, leaked text messages, and Obama’s FISA warrants. They are liberal snakes.

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