Its a little sad really

As it will happen in the next 2o years, chances are real good I’ll live to see it. In my younger days my activism, at least subconsciously, was trying to head this off. Now I see it as inevitable. It all hinged on Donald Trump. The other option was to build a groundswell of informed voters that would provide a bottom-up revolution. That ain’t gonnna happen.  The government really began to make inroads on the control of K – 12 education in 1963. It really shows in the results, beyond the dismal results in math and science. Even as the array of educational tools exploded, the output shrank. The government by virtue of its control of K-12 education, succeeded in making the population so stupid it couldn’t see it was being slow boiled.

We have a government run amuck. Since the end of WWII it has been running as an Empire, whether it has been called one or not. I said our last chance was Donald Trump. That man sees it, from top to bottom , side to side, inside and out. Donald Trump knows what the problem has been for over 35 years. Go  back and see the Rona Barret interview from 1983. Its been 3 and one half years since he announced, and for a person who knew what to look for he checked all the boxes. He knows. And I can’t fault him for not getting it done. The Swamp was just too big, too woven throughout the fabric of our government. The Republican Party had been “absorbed” long ago. The Swamp has become the government.

There are 7 areas that I’ve identified that took us down:

  • Education
  • The Federal Reserve
  • Monopolies
  • National debt
  • Corporate media
  • Borders
  • Real property rights

I’m not going to try and flesh out all the nuances of these 7 items. Its clear the ‘norms’ don’t get it and never will. For my own sanity I will try to hit the bullet points. Congress has spent this nation into oblivion. The Federal Reserve and its magic printing press isn’t going to get us out of this one. Congress bankrupted us, but they’re going to balance the budget eventually on the backs of retirees. They act like entitlement spending is somehow the ill-gotten gains of the aged. Hardly. We paid into it our entire working lives. Its that Congress spent the trust fund as fast as it came in.

They did it to appease their corporate masters and to get reelected. People really don’t seem to understand corporatism. They seem to think there is only capitalism or socialism. Corporations have run this country since the beginning. Its just become more blatant. Anyway, the point is the country will soon become financially insolvent. The press will play along and not make a big deal about the fix. And for the American people, if it didn’t appear on the TV, it didn’t happen.

The coming budget shutdown is a typical example. They will talk about the money spent for Park Services and the Food Stamp program. Discretionary spending, which is a speck of dust on the national budget. The elephant in the room is Social Security  and Medicare spending. The big screw will likely come like this. On a Friday afternoon in an odd year (lookout 2019), on a voice vote, a bill will pass both Houses of Congress changing the entitlement rates. The cuts won’t start until another 2 years (after the next even year election). They will also be phased in so as not to ruffle the feathers overmuch of those already getting theirs.

My guess it will be over an 8 year period. My guess is the final cut will be 60% to 65% of current rates. And like I say, the press will play along keeping it quiet in order to prevent “civil unrest”. I think most likely the people are so used to civil obedience, the nanny state and being screwed, that the confiscation of 40% of their wealth/retirement dollars will hardly phase them. They will be convinced that entitlement spending was somehow their fault and that they were to blame. Hardly. Congress did this. Always remember that, Congress did this and will blame you.

Those gutless bastards always ducked the tough vote and never looked beyond the next election. And sometime in the past the American citizen quit being an “active and informed electorate”. They always wanted to kick the can down the road, and now we’re at the end of the road. 

Jim Roach

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