Only 1 thing can take down a populist

As someone brilliantly stated in a post from July of 2015, the media can’t take down a populist. The Elites can’t take down a populist. A populist, as opposed to a tool of the establishment, doesn’t derive his power from the 1%. A populist by definition obtained his power from the people. They are the only ones who can take it away. I’ve only undersold Mr. Trump about a gazillion times, we’ll see if I have done so this time too.

Mr. Trump said he is going to pull out of Syria. No problem from his base on that. That’s what he promised he’d do. Only neocons like Mark Levin are upset with the pullout. Nope the thing that put Trump in trouble was the announcement he would sign a spending bill without a wall. His base just vaporized.

People dealing with the crime wave that is illegal immigration, are not going to stand for that betrayal. That was his core plank. 

Jim Roach

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