They knew

A few of us now know about the conspiracies from yesteryear. A select few back then knew about them also. Representative Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, Louis McFadden, these guys knew. One of the most important conspiracies, as it goes to the core of what a nation is, is the fake money supply. It doesn’t bode well for a country when the basis of everything it does is false. When you have a cabal of crooks turning all of us into debt slaves, its good to know the facts, figures and methods in which they did it. I found out all I needed to know at Artic

I’d had a few posts on the subject of this post, Louis McFadden, over the years. Reviewing one I noticed something I had missed, he was murdered. A search brought me to the link above, “Who Murdered Louis McFadden?” Poisoned to be precise. Like Patton, like Kennedy, like Representative Larry McDonald, the NWO/Deep State/Establishment/Insiders/International Communists are not above murder. In fact they are quite good at it.

Jim Roach

[“Men sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

— George Orwell]

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