“I see… I see… a ship!”

There was this episode of Gilligan’s Island when Ginger had occasion to use her stage craft to become Madame Zelda (or the like) and “see” into the future. The castaways had been on the island awhile and their social fabric was beginning to fray. The Professor confided this to Ginger and convinced her to “see” a ship coming in her crystal ball so as to buoy the hope of the castaways. He wanted to give them something to cling to.

This country since the beginning has maintained a similar ruse. The political parties have used the false dichotomy of Democrats vs Republicans. They get everyone to wear the t-shirt of ‘their’ team. Give money to their team. Follow the box scores in the paper as to who won and who lost (elections). To sucker them into going to the games (conventions). To get the rubes to believe that if they just give them “this” election, that NOW it will be different! NOW they will have won! And vanquish the other party to the dustbin of history!

That is so cute. Its been about handing out taxpayer’s money to corporations and banks. Its been about subsidizing millionaire farmers. Its been about propping up the military industrial complex with bullshit wars and high priced weapon systems. Its been about maintaining monopolies for big pharmaceuticals. It hasn’t been about this important “war” of Liberals vs Conservatives. Its simply been about taking your money (and selling books, magazines, airtime, newspapers and websites). Follow the money. Its no more complicated than that.

Jim Roach

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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