Swallowed whole

Ah yes, January in Iowa and the thoughts turn to tropical island paradises. Two of my ideas of idyllic getaways were Bermuda and the Bahamas (pictured above). Thankfully there are YouTube travelogues to dissuade you of this notion and save you thousands of dollars in the process. Reading between the lines of these videos teaches you a lot about the Caribbean (one is that neither Bermuda or the Bahamas are considered part of the Caribbean, but you know what I mean).

YouTube will take you from Miami to Trinidad and every point in between. That in itself is fascinating for someone as geographically ignorant as myself. You can learn about the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles and that at one time Trinidad was actually attached to Venezuela. And who conquered who and what island and enslaved or wiped out this or that population. Fascinating stuff. They do skim over the vile nature of the savages that were indigenous to the islands, and concentrate mostly on the infractions of whitey.

One of the more interesting of the videos was the one where they were leaving on a cruise ship from Miami and explained a little of the history while they waited to leave. This was from 2013 and they essentially admitted that Miami had been swallowed up by people from the Caribbean and South America and was no longer part of America. They called Miami a Spanish speaking community and the “northern most Caribbean city.” I can imagine what its like 6 years later.

Being on the edge of Republican politics for 40 years I know of the strong anti-Castro sentiment in Miami. Learning about the region in general has helped me understand about Miami in particular. Human history is the story of the abuse of human capital by one people or another through the centuries. The natives enslaved the weaker tribes, and they themselves were enslaved by the more technologically advanced Europeans.

The anti-Castro sentiment still strong in Miami is a testament to the cultural earthquake that took place exactly 60 years ago. It was the only time in this hemisphere when the 1% ‘ers got their ass kicked and their land stolen from them. Every other time in history they did the stealing. Every other part of the Caribbean carries on “like it should”, the 1% ‘ers controlling everything. All the land, resources and human capital.

Sugarcane plantations on Puerto Rico, spice fields on Grenada, oil fields in Trinidad. The past 500 years of the Caribbean has been the one percenters who control the islands speaking various tongues, and dressed in various garb, exploiting the locals and owning all the land to ship their natural resources to other one percenters in other countries.

As an example in Bermuda there is great need for doctors and nurses. If you wish to live there they will welcome you with open arms if you have those skills and will pay you 100K plus a year to do it. You might ask, “Why don’t they grow their own medical people?” They don’t actually have a 4 year college or medical school (Grenada believe it or not does). I suspect it is because a college would educate people to the awareness of the modern day slavery going on. Even if it isn’t exactly called that.

So what you end up with is a collection of completely dysfunctional island nations with very nice weather. “They sell drugs mostly or move to the United States.”  If they stay where they are there is zero chance to improve their lot for them or their children. The 1% control all land and the means of production. It is literal shacks and a hand to mouth existence for everyone else. Which explains the bizarre flotillas that converge on Miami.

I first noticed this “reverse colonization” taking place a couple of years ago in Europe. We’ve been bombing the hell out of the Middle East for at least the past 40 years, and ignoring the consequences the entire time. The hordes of humanity have been vacating those areas only to invade Europe. I believe Europe will suffer the long term destruction,  not the Middle East. It always comes down to birthrates. Whatever it is the Middle Easterners are bringing to Europe, it isn’t civilization.

America is suffering this reverse colonization in a two prong attack. In the southeastern United States it is from Caribbean peoples and South America. in the southwestern United States it is from Mexico and the rest of Central America. The irony is quite delicious. We Americans think of ourselves as the “World’s Lone Superpower!” (complete with capitalization and exclamation point), while in reality we are committing cultural suicide as we let ourselves be overrun by illiterates who are simply better at producing babies.

Its funny how the sins of our fathers will turn out to be our ruination.

Jim Roach




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