When you understand

If the last 2 years didn’t explain it to you, nothing will. I watch the TV now (business or news channel) and I just want to scream, “You phucking liars!” My gawd what a scam it is. I just don’t understand how people don’t get it? The system should collapse from the lack of interest. 50% voter turnout is what we’ve had for 50 years, it should fall off to about 10%. When you understand this, you will begin to resent the zombies that are dragging you down.

I call them zombies because as long as the people support the system at current levels, it will stagger along. The system is so corrupt and vile it should be allowed to die on the vine. If you didn’t vote for the politicians and give them money, they would have to go away and find something productive to do. But noooooo….. people feed them like a stray cat and they keep coming back. Like a hobo panhandling, it pays so they keep doing it. Its like how the Catholic Church never learned from it’s habit of child molestation, of course they didn’t learn, people kept giving them money! 

How stupid are we? You vote with your wallet, not at the voting booth. Good grief, I live in a country of morons. 2022. That is the latest guess I’ve heard when the fiscal collapse begins. SSA and Medicare become insolvent. The national debt is growing exponentially now. I’m not even sure that criminal cabal known as the Federal Reserve can keep this house of cards standing much longer. Until people figure out our form of government is corporatism, and that it only exists to funnel money from the 99% to the 1%, this crap will continue. All the news people, all the politicians, I can’t even watch them with a straight face.

All those issues they pander to Republicans every 4 years in order to get them to the polls, it ain’t gonna happen. Protecting the unborn, universal right to carry, less government spending (ergo less taxes), “banning gay marriage”, returning the school system back to the local level, none of that is going to happen. They been saying that same crap for 50 years. It ain’t gonna happen. The last 2 years proved it. Don’t you get it? That ain’t rain you’re feeling. That’s the thing, I don’t understand how people are so stupid. They must be putting something in the water.

Jim Roach


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