Dear Chuck, Joni & Steve…

I told my Congressional delegation (Grassley, Ernst & King, all Republicans) they had 2 years to get it done and they didn’t do shit. Every 4 years they dust off the issues of prolife, universal right to carry, smaller government in order to get you to the polls. But when the chance came to do it they didn’t do shit. ‘Get ‘er done’ is not in their lexicon. I read through the Constitution, there’s no language about needing 60 votes. No language on ‘cloture’ or filibuster. Those are their own self imposed rules to protect them from ever having to take a controversial vote.

The Republican Party should be sued for fraud and misrepresentation. They had no intention of ever fulfilling their promises. And the reason they get away with this repeated betrayal, is because they never suffer consequences. People keep voting for them. There has to be consequences. But there never are. How can people continue to give these traitors money and return them to office? I will never understand that. But then, I’ve never voted for any of them.

They should be sued for breech of promise. They took money under the pretense of furthering the platform voted on every 4 years at the convention. And they clearly did not intend to fulfill that promise.

I’m not even sure these nitwits even see what’s coming. In the Senate in 2020 the Republicans defend 22 seats to the 12 for the Democrats. They’re going to lose the Senate. They already lost the House. Trump has no chance for reelection (if it was possible to have a negative number he would). With their decision to have open borders the last 50 years, the tipping point of the ‘browning’ of America from socialist countries ensures they will never have the demographics to ever regain the majority. What the hell they are thinking is beyond me.

Jim Roach

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