The canary died

The results of the social experiment known as ‘open borders’ are in: Failure. The invasion from Latin America has not added any discernible benefit to America that I can see. And I have now seen it firsthand in Miami, Florida. I feel safe to say the disintegration of society in south Texas and California would be comparable. Those 3 states closest to the border were the ‘canary in the coalmine’. It will of course spread north as the years go by. You can already see it in certain areas. The big metropolitan areas in the north like Chicago and New York. Pockets in the Midwest around packing plants and poultry facilities like in Iowa, Nebraska and Arkansas.

Locales where the crime rate surges. Places where the infrastructure is overwhelmed because such a high percentage of the population isn’t on the tax roles. In Miami it was devastating to see the native population replaced by people who alternately hate America or have no interest in preserving it. Multiculturalism failed. I’m in a gas station trying to get coffee out of an empty pot and I see a Latina behind the counter hand the Hispanic customer 2 to go cups from her. I’m on the self-serve side trying to explain to her I want what she just handed the guy.

She doesn’t (or pretends she doesn’t) understand what I’m saying and asks the cashier to ask me. I catch her refer to me as the ‘Americano’. If I’m the American, what the hell does that make her? I’m at a café mid-afternoon ostensibly to get a cup of coffee (when in reality its to check out the breakfast menu for the next day), when the Latina manager pushes me out the door, not to be able to sit and drink it at the counter. The Latina at a Goodwill for Pete’s sake cheats me on purchase of a $1.06 purchase!

The Latina at a sandwich shop making the orders gets mine and when she brings it to the counter holds onto it as I’m trying to take it as she looks for some sort of okay from the cashier that its okay to give it to the gringo! I’m the only one there! Of course its mine. She like each of the previous examples is just looking for a way to phuck with the gringo. It was just one example after another of Latinas with a big ole chip on their shoulder.

I understand a good deal of the cultural pathologies that permeate the Latin culture, that the multiculturalist doesn’t want to admit. The physical abuse, the sexual abuse. The alcoholism. The 100% corruption of the governments in Latin America. The proclivity for driving drunk. The discrimination against women. I think a lot of this ‘attitude’ I got from Latin women was from the natural tendency ingrained in their culture to blame everything wrong in their lives on the gringo.

Its funny but I tend to have a higher opinion of the men. Sure you got your criminal element, your drunks, your bums, but you also have a lot of hardworking guys. Maybe that’s unfair as the landscapers and the construction workers and the like tend to be more visible. I also didn’t have the contact with them in the shops and restaurants. I just don’t see a good outcome when the mothers of a race or culture are wallowing in such a sea of dysfunctionality.

Latin America and its permanent position in last place wasn’t helped by moving to America, they just brought their dysfunctionality here. Whether its alcoholism or any other illness, there is no “geographic solution”. You’ve got to deal with the root cause. Its kind of like this video I was watching of a smaller town in Guatemala. They were bragging about its 17 Catholic churches, “2 of which were still active”. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

You can’t really say that nowadays in a world where the social sciences are ruled by humanists. But a post-Christian society falls apart without Jesus. Being cultural Catholics just doesn’t cut it. You can see it amongst traditional Americans too. When the qualities of thrift, hard work, sobriety, honesty and others that make a society thrive, are tossed in the trashcan as being corny, outdated and ‘oppressive’, things fall apart.

The metropolitan Miami area is now made up of a majority 4 million Latinos. Not Americans. All their problems, all their faults, were not cured by coming here, just relocated. The original populations of North and South America were what we referred to as Indians. And as anyone who has ever made a visit to an Indian Reservation or an Eskimo community, there is a problem with alcohol. No one will ever admit to the problem, so therefore it will never be addressed. Funny how that works.

The Left likes to push the notion conservatives want to burn books. I suggest they want to burn the truth on the altar of political correctness. The canary died, this culture is going nowhere. They refuse to dance with the one that brung us. If these are the mothers of a people, we’re in trouble.

Jim Roach


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