You’re supposed to be able to read magazines, right?

Man when you forget your mission that bad! Runner’s World seems to have forgotten its readers. Ostensibly that’s what you are supposed to do with a magazine isn’t it, read it? I don’t understand the use of 6 pt and 8 pt type though. Even if I wasn’t as old as the hills I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to make your magazine reader friendly?

In the 2 examples I included in this post the pictures take up roughly 90% and 80% of the page. It would be child’s play to size those pictures a smidge smaller and institute 12 point type. Unfortunately I bought 5 years of this nonsense.  (The type in the yellow highlight in the top picture is 12 point.)

The key is to look at the ‘sample text’. Runner’s World routinely uses 6 & 8.

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