“Trump can’t win!”

One of the most delightful things for an American / Trump supporter to do is go on to YouTube and watch videos of the networks on election night November 8, 2016. You get to watch this slow motion meltdown of the most ignorant people that God ever created. The abject horror that begins to spread across their hideous faces as they realize that Trump is going to win and crooked Hillary will be thrown into history’s pile of also rans.

In the video posted above, Mary Matalin stands up to these twin peaks of stupid Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, from the now defunct (thank God) ‘With All Due Respect’ show. Mary is one of 3 people who predicted Mr. Trump could win the presidency. The other 2 being of course the great Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity. (This video is from exactly 2 months prior to the election when “everyone” knew Hillary was going to win.) Mary has more political acumen in her little finger than those 2 Bozos will ever know.

It is so wonderful to watch these ignorant asses get it thrown in their face over and over just how impossibly obtuse they are. But it didn’t matter! Just as on that night they didn’t even begin to see this tsunami of discontent about to wash away the establishment that night, just last week they were showed their ignorance again! Trump had complete and total exoneration in regards to “Russian collusion”, despite their crying he was guilty for 2 years!! On and on and on they went about Russian collusion, a conspiracy these nuts had based upon a completely false dossier.

None of this matters to the mainstream media. They just go on with their ‘ignorance is bliss’ credo, never letting the facts get in the way. 

I just wish there was some way to communicate to them how utterly hated and despised they are to a large portion of the American people. The revulsion and contempt so many have for them. If only there was an address I could write to. An email I could send, that would even begin to convey if only in the smallest way, the revulsion they elicit from decent people. It will forever be my cross to bear, my inability to share this with them. Such is life.

Jim Roach

[One of the more obvious clues these mainstream morons should have see was in respect to crowd sizes. Trump was filling stadiums with 25,000 roaring people. Hillary was lucky to get 25 paid stiffs to show up.]

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