“It can’t get any worse!”

Katie Couric and the crew crying on election night is so sweet. It helps to put in context what was coming on the other afternoon on the Simon Conway Show on WHO radio. He was interviewing Senator Joni Ernst who comes from the most worthless body on the planet, the United States Senate. Joni’s schtick is the bread bags. Iowa’s other Senator, Chuck Grassley, his schtick is wearing plaid. They don’t do anything, they’re wishy washy, they’re establishment Republicans.

She was on Simon’s show to elect more Republicans to office (I have no idea why). I just wish I had the guts to call up his show. What they do is they find out what you want to say before they put you on the air. They then have time to prepare their response to make you sound stupid, then they cut you off before you can reply (even if nerves didn’t finish you off first).

But the point is Joni, you’re not going to do anything. Not you, not Chuck, not any of you Republicans. Friends of mine, good people, will continue to give you their votes and money. But I won’t. I know you’re frauds. Simon Conway, his livelihood depends on keeping the game alive. The illusion that the Republicans are capable of accomplishing something. They’re not.

That’s what Katie & Crew missed from the video above on election night. They had no idea that the Republicans were incapable of doing anything! On the video they literally talk about the wall, deportation squads, pulling us out of NATO, the Muslim ban! None of that shit’s going to happen. But by gawd they were worried on election night! They forgot that politicians were liars.

Jim Roach

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