“90 Day Wonder”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)

Back in the day (1995-1996) liberal newspaper columnists would write a column on the (sure to get a reaction) latest happenings of their arch villain Patrick Joseph Buchanan. Probably the greatest American that ever lived. The decline of newspapers was just starting then, but it could be felt. Half the country wasn’t buying their liberal excrement. So they’d write hit pieces on Buchanan just to get conservative hate mail. They hate being ignored.

12 years later in 2008 a young lovely that drove liberals nuts arrived on the scene named Sarah Palin. Once again they’d write hit pieces just to get a rise out of the right. She was great copy, especially if you could get a picture into the piece. Yes they hated the ‘out’ Christian, Palin, but I think most of it was to get readership. I think Republican writers and YouTubers are doing something similar today with a good looking Democrat (I know that sounds like an oxymoron) named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Back in WW II they called the graduates of Officer Candidate School ’90 day wonders’, comparing their 3 month school to that of the 4 year academy graduates. AOC hits her 3 months in Congress tomorrow, April 3. If you were to listen to Republican writers, television commentators and YouTubers, AOC is the greatest threat to the republic (if not the universe) that we have ever faced! A political junkies day is filled with account after account of her nefarious plots!

I do get confused about 1 thing though. On the 1 hand according to our experts, she’s the dumbest thing that ever drew a breath. On the other she is so deviously clever she will singlehandedly bring down Western Civilization! Well which is it? Diabolical or dumb? Personally I wonder how much she could have done in 3 months. It takes Congress that long just to agree on the new  menu in the Capitol cafeteria. I’m not sure they have passed a bill since January 3?

Personally, if it isn’t Sarah Palin posting a minimum of 3 AOC pieces a day (always with picture), its a continual stream of YouTube videos with our Democrat darling in the thumbnail. I think its for the readership. Personally, I admire a woman with balls. So to speak. Conservative commentators aren’t used to having a Democrat woman who isn’t a mirror cracker. I mean face it, Hillary, Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard, Democrats have a long history of women who do not cause hearts to flutter.

But my problem isn’t craven conservative writers who won’t write on the merits, its that you don’t solve problems by inventing ‘boogeymen’. And that’s what Republicans are doing. Their problem, the nation’s problem, is RINOs. Its themselves. About half their members. About 50% of the GD POS GOP are RINOs! That’s your damn problem! Not AOC!

Jim Roach

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