It boggles the mind

“Boggle (one’s)/the mind To thoroughly overwhelm, confuse, or surprise one. Bewilder or astonish with complexity, novelty, or the like, as in The very magnitude of the Milky Way boggles the mind.”

I really don’t understand our “leaders”. From Congress to the President, from radio talk show hosts to television commentators, do they not understand what is going on at our southern border? A nonstop invasion of foreign nationals is an act of war. What the sam hell do they think an invasion is? Good God. Drug smugglers, human traffickers, rapists, murderers, terrorists, thieves, welfare cheats, disease and unvaccinated people. What good is going to come out of that?

Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution tasks Congress with protecting “the States from foreign invasion”. How tough is that? You can’t have a country without a border. You can’t have a country with an unchecked inflow of people. Why have they allowed this to go on for 50 years? Why has the goddamn American citizen kept sending these idiots back to Washington decade after decade? How can you keep doing the same thing election after election and expect things to change?

The situation is nuts and I refuse to accept it.

Jim Roach

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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